About us

We are a Polish nursery and offer rare and alternative crop plants. Most of them are available only in our nursery. We specialize in big fruited cornelian cherry cultivars. We have got also one of the most differential choice of unique medlar cultivars. All our plants are handled in pots. As a small nursery we do not have all listed plants in steady supply. Please ask always for availability.



We are sending the current pricelist and stocklist on email inquiry.

Kasztan mieszańcowy (Castanea hybrid)

Terms of order and shipment

We are taking e-mail orders around the year, but only for plants from the current stocklist. All of our plants are potted. Plants could be reserved till shipping date. To make a reservation you have to prepay in advance on our account 100% of the order amount.
We make every effort to offer healthy, strong rooted nursery stock. However, a warranty for establishing after planting could not be given.

-Plants are shipped from September to November and in March.
-Minimum order amount is 100PLN.
-Too high plants may be pruned for shipping.
-The packaging charge for each package shipped will be 25 PLN. Generally up to 15-20 plants could be shipped per package.
-Shipments are sent via parcel service on customers cost and risk. Shipping charges depends on to which country the parcel should be send. Please request about it before ordering. All specific advices regarding shipping/shipment date should be made together with the order.
-An order/reservation should contain:

  • Name and quantity of the ordered plants
  • Full shipping address with phone number

-After we receive your online order via e-mail, we will respond with an e-mailed pro forma invoice.
-Shipment of the order is after incoming of the payment on our account.
-In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order (wrongly attached or lack of plants etc.) be sure to notify us within 7 days after you receive it. We will work with you to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

Placement of an order means acceptance of all mentioned above conditions.

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