The Persimmon, is native to eastern North America and is closely related to the kaki tree, whose fruits are offered in stores under the name Sharon. The fruits of persimmons are smaller, but tastier.
The persimmon forms small, dioecious trees, ie, there occur both female and male plants. Without a male pollinator also arise fruits, but they remain small and do not taste as good. On average they reach a size of 2-5cm. Not fully developed, they are very astringent. The maturation begins, depending on variety from September to November. Their skin turns mostly into orange and the flesh becomes very soft. However, the fruits are firmly attached to the twigs, do not fall off and can be picked until December.
Persimmons tolerate heat very well. Especially young plants are frost tender and therefore it is advantageous not to plant it to the final location until the spring! The next three winter it is advisable to cover the root zone with mulch and wrap the whole plant with fleece. Older plants come without assistance through the winter.
The persimmon like nutrient-rich soils and sunny and windless locations. Cutting measures similar to tall apple trees.