pyrus pyrifolia ShinseikiTop producer. Fruits ripen over a longer time from the beginning of September. Average weight is 130g, yellowish green skin and refreshingly juicy, crispy flesh.

Shinseiki trees grows fairly strong and develop a spreading crown.

pyrus pyrifolia HosuiThe fruits of this variety ripen a little earlier than Chojuro. They are juicy, very sweet and tasty.
The plants have a strong growth and are slightly more frost sensitive than the other varieties.

pyrus pyrifolia Chojuro owoceHigh yielding variety without tendency to alternate bearing, doesn’t need also thinning of the young fruits. They weigh 120–150g (max. over 200g und 7cm diameter), have a golden brown skin and rich, sweet flavour. Ripening time is mid September.

Chojuro trees grow fairly strong and develop a weeping crown.

pyrus x bretschneideri Early ShuFrom China originating cultivar with very large (up to 260g), tasty fruits of original shape (reminiscent of an inverted pear).
The trees grow strong and develop a loose crown shape. They usually begin to bear in the third year after planting. The disadvantage of this variety is its sensitivity to pear rust.