morus owoceVariety selected and introduced by our nursery. A fast growing tree, reaching 8m height; very productive.
Large, long shaped, sweet and richly flavoured black fruits with a firm flesh. They ripen through a long time from mid June to end September, with harvest peak occurring in early July. Use it first of all for fresh eating.

morus alba Gerardi Dwarf owoce05331A dwarf cultivar recommended for small gardens or for growing in pots on balconies. Reaches only about 2m height. Very long (up to 5cm), sweet, black berries. Fast grower. Self fertile.

morus owoce2Hybrid of M. alba x M. rubra.

In the US considered as the best cultivar due to good flavour of the large, almost seedless black fruits. Delicious berries mature all summer long. The tree is strong growing up to 8m height, hardy and productive. It begins to start bearing at a young age. Self pollinating.

morus bombycis Shin Tso owoceShin-Tso grows into a low tree with over 5m wide spreading crown.
One of the best tasting varieties - the fruits have an intensely sweet-sour flavor not occurring at other mulberries. However, it is less fertile than other varieties.