sorbus aucuparia RosinaProbably the best tasting variety of Mt. Ash, with big, sweet sour fruits, that could be eaten even fresh. Use it first of all in preserves. They ripen in the latter part of August and could be harvested till the end of September (the longer they ripen the sweeter they become).

Small to medium size, fast growing tree, without special demands. Plant it on a sunny side. Selffertile

sorbus domestica Sossenheimer RiesenGerman variety of Service Tree. The over 150 year old parent tree was selected for its superior fruits out of a few thousands of surviving trees in Germany. The name means “Giant from Sossenheim” and refers to its big fruits.

A productive variety, that begins to bear fruits in 3-4 years in contrary to seedlings that needs over ten years. It likes sweet, rich soil and warm places. Selffertile.