pyroniaAn unique hybrid of quince and pear with tasty fruits up to 8cm in diameter, sweet and soft flesh. It can be eaten fresh.

Beautiful flowers appear twice - in spring and autumn so the plant has also high ornamental value!

Small tree similar in demands to quince.

sorbaronia TitanA Russian hybrid of Aronia and probably Mt. Ash.

Demands and value similar to the Sweet Mt. Ash.
The dark purple fruits ripen in September in big clusters and weight 1 to 1,6g each. The flesh is yellow, juicy, sweet and tart, without astringency. A productive and high yielding variety. Very winterhardy.

sorbaronia LikjornajaA hybrid of common rowan and chokeberry bred by Michurin.
Frost-resistant variety with average strength of growth. It comes into fruiting quickly - 3-4 years after planting. Dark purple fruit, fully ripe almost black, sweet and sour and only slightly tart, weighing up to 1.8g with sugar content of 9.6%. They ripen in the second half of August and are similar in taste to chokeberry. Recommended primarily for preserves, although they are also suitable for consumption in the fresh state.

sorbomespilus DesertnajaMultiple hybrid bred 1927 by Ivan Mitschurin.

Medium-sized fruit, sweet and sour, with a spicy aroma. Suitable both for raw consumption and for processing. They mature as the first of all the mountain ashes in July/August, keeping only about one month on the branches and then fall down.
Dwarf variety that reaches up to 2.5 m, self-fertile and hardy. It bears fruits regularly from the 3rd year after planting.

x sorbopyrus auricularis owoceAn unique hybrid of whitebeam and pear. Strong and fast growing tree. It bears pear shaped fruits, average 4cm in diameter, with juicy and sweet flesh, ripening in the early part of September.

Very hardy variety, without special soil demands. It has bigger crops cultivated on a sunny side.