female varieties

actinidia DominoNew Polish cultivar with strong growth.
The fruits are large (10-14g), rounded and mature in October. Their skin is green with light brown-red approaches. Very sweet, green flesh, with honey aroma. Excellent taste. In cold storage Domino fruits can keep exceptionally long - up to 1,5 months..
Average heavy fruiting variety, suitable for both the commercial cultivation as well as for home gardens.

actinidia TwistNew Polish hybrid variety (A. arguta × A. purpurea).
Exceptionally attractive elongated fruits with bright red skin and flesh. Very tasty, with a slight spiciness.
Since the fruits are average storing, this variety is less for the professional growers, but all the more appropriate for the private garden.

actinidia Frenchmans BayAmerican cultivar.
Fruits inside and outside light green, medium size, intensely sweet-sour and very tasty.

actinidia WEIKI

German variety.
The plant grows very strong and is quite drought resistant. The fruits are cylindrical, slightly laterally flattened, up to 3.5cm long and weighing 7-12g. The dark green skin is strongly reddened on the sun's side. Very fertile variety that matures in the middle of October.

actinidia GENEVAVariety originated in the breeding station in Geneva (US State New York).
It is slightly more sensitive than the previous ones - on water deficiency it reacts with wilting leaf edges. Very fertile variety with more rounded fruits and only slight reddish tinge on green skin. They mature early - in the middle of September. Average fruit weight 7-12g.


male varieties

actinidia JokerNew Polish selection.
Male pollinator (doesn't bear fruits!). Suitable for all female hardy kiwis derived from A.arguta or purpurea. Flowering time slightly earlier than Weiki male and also more cold hardy.

actinidia JokerMale variety (bears no fruits!). Pollinator for all female hardy kiwi, derived from A.arguta or purpurea.
Flowers later than Joker.



For anyone who would like to know more about handling hardy kiwis, we recommend the homepage of Dr. Piotr Latocha http://aktinidia.pl/ from thWarsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW  
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