chaenomeles japonica CidoThornless fruit variety bred in Latvia.
Small shrub with orange flowers in spring and small, but occuring in great numbers yellow fruits that ripen in September/ October. The thornless branches make harvesting easier. Ideally make it before the first frost. The fruits have exceptionally flavour and you can use it for delicious syrup, jelly or jam.
This variety needs a second one for cross pollinization. Recommended use for small gardens.
The plants are budded on quince rootstock so they need moist, fertile soil. For good fruit quality a sunny place is favourable.

chaenomeles Nika owoceUkrainian fruit variety.
Shrubs reach up to 1m height and width, with sweeping, thornless branches. Flowers are orange. Fruits ripen in early September, are round, with yellow skin and weighing 40-100g.
Based on similar shrub habit that variety is especially recommended as pollinator for Cido, for cultivation in small gardens.

chaenomeles Tamara owoce

New Ukrainian fruit variety.

The shrubs reach 1.6-1.8m in height and are quite dense. Shoots long and initially erect, bend under the weight of the fruit in the second or third year. They have a little more thorns. Tamara comes into production a year later than the other varieties. Thanks to its red flowers, it is also very decorative in spring. It is the earliest of our varieties - its fruits ripen in mid-August, are of a balanced size, high quality, strongly fragrant and exceptionally beautiful, but a little less storable than other varieties. Maximum length and width 67mmx62mm with a weight of up to 130g. Very high yields comparable to Gold Calif. Suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

1st yield year 2020 - 54kg from 15 bushes


chaenomeles Maksym owoceOur third fruit variety from the Ukrainian breeding program. Grows quite strong, but somewhat weaker than Gold Calif, reaching 1,4m in height. Branches almost thornless. Flowers are pale pink. Fruits are rounded, up to 6cm in diameter and 60-80g in weight (max. over 100g). They ripen at the end of August and are easily to tear away from the twigs. In contrast to it on the Japanese Flowering Quince they are attached very firmly, so during the harvest it sometimes occur to injure the wood.

Very productive and precocious variety, excellently suited for orchards as well for backyard gardens.

chaenomeles kalifUkrainian fruit variety with a strong growing, upright crown reaching 1,7m in height and width. Branches almost thornless. The pale pink flowers turns into big, oval shaped fruit. They ripen in mid September, have yellow skin and from 80 to 150g weight. The flesh is firm, fragrant and acidic. Use it as for Cido.

As an exceptionally productive variety Gold Calif is suitable for both plantations and backyard gardens but needs a second variety for cross pollination. All offered varieties will pollinate each other.

chaenomeles NorthernLemon owoce

New Ukrainian fruit variety.
The bushes are about 1m tall and wide. The thornless branches are semi weeping. Snow white flowers. Fruits ripen in September, reaching 5-6 cm in diameter, and weighs about 100g. They are similar in the shape to a lemon (ev. slightly pear-shaped) and emit also an exceptionally intense lemon scent.