elaeagnus umbellata KoralVariety introduced from our nursery. Very productive - large fruits with a sweet-sour taste sit close to the shoots. They ripen in late September.
A strong growing and very productive shrub reaching 3-4m height. The fruits are good for fresh eating and preserves. They have a sweet-tart flavor and are juicy, average 8mm in diameter. They begin to ripen in September but the best taste occurs at the end of October. The flowers are strong honey-yielding. If the fruits are remained on plants they are also showy and very attractive to birds in winter.

Plant it on poor, dry and good drainaged soil. Resistant to salt and heat. Needs full sunlight – does not tolerate shade. In very cold winters it could freeze back but resprouts good.
Self sterile.

elaeagnus umbellata owoce05067Second variety bred by us. Slightly less bearing, but with larger and sweeter fruits.
Self sterile - at least two different plants are needed for pollinating. Plant density about 2m.

American variety with yellow fruits ripening in September.
Of our three varieties, this is particularly popular with birds.elaeagnus umbellata Amber owoce